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cover artI started up my computer to blog last night, opened my text editor and sat there looking at my blinking cursor. All day I kept thinking, what I am I going to blog about? And nothing came to mind. But something usually does so I wasn’t worried. Even when I sat down to write I wasn’t worried. But then after staring at the screen for five minutes with nothing happening, well then I just sighed. So instead of writing I read some poetry and then did some core exercises and some free weights. That brought me to the Zwift group ride I lead on Wednesday nights.

Of course this morning while walking through the downtown Minneapolis skyway from the train to work I remembered something I could write about! Mockingbird.

Mockingbird, Volume 1: I Can Explain by Chelsea Cain is about Bobbi Morse, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. I was going to wait until I read volume two and write about them together, but since I couldn’t think of anything else to write about tonight instead, you get a comic review padded with frivolous babble.

Bobbi is a top agent, smart, sassy, and always rescuing her two ex-husbands from the bad guys. She is not a superhero but she has always wanted to be. But without special powers, what’s a girl to do? Science! It is her science smarts that took her to S.H.I.E.L.D. I have a great sample of a couple panels for you but the superfluous photo deleting spree I went on the other day has made it go poof!

The panels were an example of the biting feminist wit of this comic that often made me squeal with delight. There is a picture of the beefy male superheroes in their spandex costumes. Bobbi comments that since superheroes were all men when she was a kid, her thoughts turned to…science! And then the next panel is high school Bobbi being eagerly nerdy in class. Then we have grown up Bobbi looking through a microscope and saying, but things are better now, women are equal, etc, etc. And then another bubble, just kidding, it still sucks.

The story is fast and fun and I can hardly wait for volume two from the library. But I am also terribly sad and angry because after volume two there will be no more. Chelsea Cain was so badly trolled on Twitter for her blatantly feminist Bobbi that she deleted her account and decided to not write anymore issues of Mockingbird. Her Marvel editors were generally supportive, but the vitriol was too much. Cain should not have had to suffer through the online hate, and as much as I wish her to be a superhero who could stand up to it all, I understand her decision. It pisses me off that a bunch of misogynist troglodytes ruined such a fantastic comic. They may have won this round, but evolution says their days are numbered.