Happy Equinox! Up here in the northern hemisphere we have officially arrived at spring even if outside isn’t in full agreement. Sorry folks in the southern hemisphere, it’s autumn for you now with winter right around the corner.

Spring is a fickle season, at least where I live. One day could be heavy snow and a few days later there could be blazing sunshine and warm enough for shorts and t-shirts. One just never knows, which makes clothing choices difficult and what coat or jacket to wear a near impossible decision.

But I natter on. Today, in honor of spring, I thought a poem was called for.

This poem comes from a lovely children’s book of seasonal poems that Danielle gifted me with. The book is called When Green Becomes Tomatoes by Julie Fogliano. It is broken into the four seasons and the poem titles are dates. The whole book is also illustrated with delightful colored drawings appropriate to the season.

march 20

from snow-covered tree
one bird singing
each tweet poking
a tiny hole
through the edge of winter
and landing carefully
balancing gently
on the tip of spring

Isn’t that wonderful? I love the bird tweets poking tiny holes in winter!

Happy spring! I hope you got some sunshine today and some fresh cool air.