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Because I have been reading the essay collection The Great Regression at work during my lunch break, I didn’t read it at all during my vacation last week (And while I fully intended to catch up and keep up with comments here and all your wonderful blogs, that didn’t happen. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, I am putting down some mighty fine pavement!). But today I got to get back to the book.

One of the essays I read today is called “Europe as refuge” by Bruno Latour who takes an entirely different perspective on the root cause of everything that is happening now — climate change. The ”Enlightened elites” knew what was what back in the 80s/90s and ever since it has been a move to get what they can while they can so they can fiddle while Rome burns (or in this case, the planet). It is an interesting premise and I am not certain that I am convinced it is the root of the problem, but it certainly is part of the problem.

Here’s a little passage to give you something to chew on:

When political analysts try to grasp the current situation, they use and abuse the term ‘populism.’ They accuse ‘ordinary people’ of indulging in a narrow-minded vision, in their fears, their naive mistrust of elites, their bad taste in culture, and above all in their passion for identity, folklore, archaism and boundaries — let alone a culpable indifference to the facts. These people lack generosity, open-mindedness, rationality; they have no taste for risk (ah! that taste for risk preached by those who are safe wherever their air miles permit them fly).

This is to forget that ‘ordinary folk’ have been callously betrayed by those who have abandoned the idea of truly bringing about the modernization of the planet with everyone else, because they knew, before everyone else, better than everyone else, that this modernization was impossible — for lack of a planet big enough for their dreams of limitless growth.

The truth about globalization as it has happened and climate change have to be denied, and the elites have to keep denying it for as long as possible so they can build their fortifications to survive the coming disaster. Basically, we are all being thrown under the bus. That has been the plan from the beginning.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s partly true. Maybe I don’t want to believe it’s true because a betrayal of that magnitude is heartbreaking and how does a person recover from that?