A very wet Elinor

Bookman and I had plans for Sunday and today, two days in a row home together, something that doesn’t happen very often. Sunday began well but around noon Bookman had a very bad back spasm and has been down for the count ever since. He can stand and gingerly walk slowly around the house now, but it’s still pretty painful. A heck of a way to get me to do all of his chores for him and cook and serve him!

Sunday was a gorgeous day though and while Bookman was indoors flat on his back and resting, I was out in the garden with the Dashwoods. I was weeding and picking beans. The Dashwoods were “helping” me by eagerly diving in for bugs when I pulled a weed, pecking me when I got in their way or didn’t move fast enough for their liking, and happily clucking and scratching dirt up into my face. Good times!

Today has turned into being a very rainy day. I let the Dashwoods out into the garden early this morning before the rain moved in. I figured when it did start raining they would go into the run where it was dry. Nope. They’ve been wandering around in the rain all day and are pretty soaked. Perhaps they are confused and think they are ducks? Wet chickens look pretty pathetic.

During a break in the rain I went out and tried to get them into the run but they were having none of it. And as it began to rain again, I threw up my hands, told them, fine! Get pneumonia see if I care! And went in the house. Every now and then I see them scratching in the mud or they come up to the glass door to look in and see if a treat might be on offer.

Silly chickens!

Goldfinch on the hyssop

Last week the weather was hot and humid and I came home after work one day to find the tall hyssop playing host to a couple of female goldfinches. The hyssop has been hosting bees and butterflies since it began blooming in July. Now that it is done, the finches have found its seeds to be tasty. This is the third year we have had the tall white hyssop and I don’t recall the goldfinches being especially interested in it so this has been a lovely surprise.

The garden is winding down and I am expecting to get my order of garlic for planting in the next couple of weeks. I have decided already where it will go and I hope it ends up being a good location. As everything starts to come to the end of its lifecycle, it is time to assess and begin to think of next year. Will I grow this again? Where will I plant it? Why didn’t this do very well? How can I do better next time? What new thing might I try next year?

My allergies will be relieved when the season is over. I’m not quite ready to be done yet. Good thing there are still a few plants and chores to tend to!