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So much for the cabbage

Maybe it was only a matter of time, but the Dashwoods finally figured out that the purple things growing in the garden were cabbage. They have for weeks been passing them by as something of no interest. But today I look out in the garden and all four of them are gathered around the cabbage bed having themselves a feast. I had been hoping that perhaps Bookman and I could have some cabbage but the Dashwoods decided otherwise. I suppose when I saw them helping themselves I could have run out squawking and waving my arms, scattering the chickens and tossing row cover fabric over the plants to protect them from ferocious beaks. But there was also something inevitable in their discovery and the Dashwoods were enjoying themselves so much I could only sigh whatever and then have a little laugh both at my assumption that they would never figure out the cabbage and in their pleasure that they did.

With a few light frosts during the week the weather has finally taken a turn towards autumn with crisp mornings and falling leaves. The frost has not been enough to kill anything but the most sensitive plants like the zucchini. The ragweed and other allergy producing plants are still going strong and making me feel rather miserable in that regard.

I was out in the garden today pulling out dead bean plants in the bed I will be planting the garlic next week. The Dashwoods all came to help and were happily scratching and making their quiet content chirruping sounds, the chicken equivalent to a cat’s purr. We had a lovely time until my nose began running uncontrollably and my eyes started burning and itching. Still, I managed to clear the bed and part of another and pick the pumpkins. Little by little the garden will be put to sleep until there is a hard killing frost and I can make a big push to finish the season.

The Dashwoods are beginning to grow their winter down and they are looking fat and fluffy. I would take a photo but they refuse to cooperate for a group portrait. Bookman and I are starting to get the coop ready for winter, making sure all the doors close properly so when the cold really does arrive they will be snug inside. Next weekend we will be setting up the heater for their water even though it won’t be needed for some time yet. Best to do it now though instead of when we are all cold and in a hurry.

It feels good, this winding down and preparing for the dark and cold months. I am already missing the early sunrises but it is also good to rest, take stock, and dream a little.