Finding this in the garden:

Monarch caterpillar

Going on a bike ride with Bookman and enjoying delicious vegan crepes and ice cream

Banana and Nutella crepe with a scoop of coffee ice cream

Bookman had such a great time that he asked me to come up with another “destination ride” for July. I have given him a couple options. One is ice cream, another is a picnic and coffee and a baked treat or ice cream, and a third is a vegan deli lunch. He’s thinking about it. July 15th is when the ride is likely to take place. We’ll see where his stomach leads him.

Enjoying homemade cornbread honeyberry pancakes

The serviceberries are ripe and I have been enjoying those in my yogurt. I started picking cherries from the tree today. And the first couple of ripe raspberries. We seem to have an endless supply of arugula. Later this week the first radishes should be ready to pull. The potatoes are starting to flower and I’ve got them mounded up with dirt and straw. Grow taters, grow!

And I neglected to mention a few weeks ago, we got a new roof on our house. We went for steel “shake” shingles. It will last longer than me or the house and we got a discount on our homeowner’s insurance because of it.

I have also read some really good books which I hope to tell you about in the coming days.