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Meatless Monday isn’t just for dinner, it’s for breakfast too! Though at my house we are huge fans of breakfast for dinner. And let me just say these high protein lentil pancakes are fantastic. They are also gluten free.

What’s that you say, lentil pancakes? I know! You soak the red lentils so they are nice and soft and then make them into a batter in the food processor or blender. And no, the pancakes do not taste like lentils. But they are not really sweet. They are a beautifully neutral pancake waiting for you to dress up however you want, sweet with fruit or savory with a mushroom gravy–let your imagination go wild! We’ve made a cinnamon apple topping and paired it with a homemade medjool date “syrup” that was really tasty. I’ve had mine with tahini and sweet potato “butter” as well.

Now lots of folks like bacon or sausage with their pancakes, I know. Well, you do not have to go without my friends. This sausage patty is amazing! Yes, it is made out of oats, but trust me on this one. The oats give it a nice chewy texture and the spices, a lot of spices, are what truly make this patty. The recipe makes a lot too. They freeze up well and leftovers make great sandwiches. They also add a big burst of flavor crumbled up into a lunchtime salad or a bowl of split pea soup. I’m getting hungry just thinking about them.

I thought I was going to have photos of my own because I thought this was going to be dinner. But I was surprised by tostadas instead. So good. I did get a picture of those and will post various recipes for that next week. Until then, enjoy some pancakes and sausage!

Lentil pancakes and oat sausage

Update: James made the pancakes and sausage for dinner the next night. Here is a photo of them unadorned. So much brown. We had banana and walnuts and some sweet potato “butter.” Yum.