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As much as I love pumpkin you’d think that I would venture out into the great world of winter squashes. But no. Not until this winter did I finally get around to trying spaghetti squash. What a revelation! We’d have the occasional acorn squash but it was generally done up as an elaborate affair, stuffed with wild rice and other fixings. So much work. And even if a squash was not to be stuffed, it still needed to be roasted and that takes time. Plus, winter squash is generally on the larger side and it’s just me and James so they always seemed too much.

This has turned out to the be the winter of discovering squashes and how incredibly versatile they are. Like, they make an amazing sauce.

James has figured out he can boil them in the microwave faster than roasting in the oven. If you are going to puree them into a sauce they don’t need roasting. And so we have had butternut squash a number of times. Even small ones are big, but leftovers have turned out to be useful for other meals.

One of my favorite uses of squash sauce is mac and cheese. The butternut squash cheese is made rich and creamy with the addition of cashews. Boil (or soak overnight) the cashews along with the squash. Puree, add the spices, pour over your (cooked) macaroni noodles and dig in! Of course you can use whatever kind of winter squash you want. We’ve used acorn for this as well.

We added broccoli to ours and then sprinkled panko bread crumbs on top and baked it for about 10 minutes. It was supposed to give it a bit of texture and crunch but it didn’t come out as intended. Still tasted good though! We had leftover mac and cheese and leftover cheese sauce. Neither lasted long.

It is well past winter squash season now just as I am wanting to explore all the squashes. We did find a couple small delicatas at the co-op last week. They are the perfect size for stuffing, one for each of us. James is going to make some kind of pilaf, nothing fancy. Since the delicatas are small, they will be roasted and won’t take long at all. Something to look forward to!

Next winter I plan on going all in on the squash. I want to try every single variety that shows up at the co-op. For now, I am tired of winter and ready for a touch of spring. Unfortunately, winter is not done with me yet.