I learned something pretty amazing recently: banana peels are edible.

Say what?

Yeah, I know, right? There is even a banana peel appreciation society Facebook group.

Banana peels may be edible but would you want to eat one? Absolutely! This pulled “pork” recipe is the perfect introduction to banana peels. We made our own coleslaw too. Here is what our version looked like:

But what did it taste like? With all the barbecue sauce and spice it tasted like that, not like a banana or a peel. It’s about the texture when it comes down to it. It definitely has a chewy/meaty mouth feel. James and I each had a sandwich and there were leftovers but not enough for two more sandwiches so we repurposed it, blending it into a spicy lentil sloppy Joe kind of thing. And that was good too.

Allegedly you can use banana peels for any recipe that calls for jackfruit. And of course you can sub the peels for things like shredded beef or pork. I am not sure I will be eating banana peels on a regular basis, but they are a good option to have for the dinner menu.

There is a banana peel bacon recipe we are eager to try. I’ll let you know how that goes when we make it.