Happy Solstice Everyone!

I am sitting here typing at my kitchen table with Tilda, my sourdough starter, beside me. She is the most amazing creature, in her jar making fizzy bubbling sounds. I can easily imagine she is whispering to me. And when I look up from my computer on my table, I see the sliding glass door to the deck. At the window, preening and looking inside, are the Dashwoods, Elinor, Margaret, and Mrs. Dashwood. We miss our  Marianne. We looked out in the chicken garden the other day and the trick of the light on an old log made it appear like Marianne was there. The Dashwoods at the window are puffed up against the cold and the wind, happily digesting the treat of scratch and cabbage James gave them a little while ago. Waldo is curled up sleeping on a blanket on the couch.

Simmering in the crockpot on the kitchen counter is part of Solstice dinner—garbanzo bean, lentil, and butternut squash curry. I just set it going about an hour ago and I expect in the next few hours the entire house will smell delicious. Later, to go along with the curry, I will be making quinoa flatbread spiced with za’atar. There will also be a green salad made from the greens from our winter csa box.

Dessert is a chocolate chip cookie dough brownie cake. I kind of made up the recipe myself based on a recipe from a food blogger that was loaded with so much fat and sugar that it could not be modified. I made the cake yesterday. It did not turn out to be the beautiful cake in my head, but it will taste just fine. The brownie cake is made with sweet potatoes and the cookie dough is made with garbanzo beans. The versatility of vegetables is amazing!

Tonight, after dark, we will put on our coats and mittens and go outside to look up at the sky to see the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. It is cloudy right now, but the weather people are saying it should be clear later. I hope so, I’m pretty sure I won’t be around if I have to wait another 800 years.

Since it is only ever James and I together celebrating Winter Solstice, our celebration has not changed because of COVID. I know this is not the case for many other people celebrating a holiday right now. James’s mom was lamenting not being able to gather with friends and family and he said, Mom, I’m as close as your heart. So while gathering in person is limited, we are free to gather as many as we want in our hearts. Let’s make it a huge crowd, space is not limited! 

Peace, love, and joy to you all. Stay safe and keep well!