Solstice dinner turned out to be pretty awesome so I thought I would share the recipes.

The main meal was a green salad and butternut squash, chickpea, and red lentil curry with quinoa flatbread:

Solstice Dinner

You are on your own for making salad and rice, but for the curry and flatbread, the internet provides.

The curry is from Kitchen Treaty and actually calls for pumpkin but you can substitute any winter squash you like really. I roasted and pureed the butternut squash the day before, so on the day of all I had to do was chop a few things and toss it all into the slow cooker. It really could not have been easier!

The flatbread is from Monkey and Me and has how-tos for eight different flavors. The recipe makes one large flatbread and we went for zaatar. It was really easy to make but I didn’t use enough liquid and the batter was too thick and ended up a bit, er, extra crunchy-chewy in the middle. But it was delicious and I will definitely make it again and be sure to add a bit more water to the dough.

Dessert was a cookie dough brownie cake based on this recipe. The original has far too  much sugar and fat for my preferences so I made my own version doubling this sweet potato brownie recipe (except for the sugar, I did not double that) and this chocolate chip cookie dough recipe made from chickpeas.

My biggest mistake was making the brownie in one large pan and then cutting it in half instead of making two smaller squares (I only have one small square pan so it was a choice of saving time). One cannot cut exactly down the middle so each half was not the same size. Not the end of the world. But then I didn’t wait long enough for the brownie to really set up so had some trouble with it breaking into pieces. But the cookie dough kind of glued it back together!

It wasn’t the prettiest looking cake ever, but did it tasted great! James thought it should have some last minute ice cream, so he picked up some vanilla coconut milk ice cream, which was a nice compliment.

Another successful Solstice dinner in the books!

I hope your own Solstice, or Christmas, or Festivus, or Hanukah, or just plain celebration meal, was delicious and enjoyable!