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The Ride of a Lifetime


The Ride of a Lifetime is the story of Robert Iger, who for 15 years was CEO of the Walt Disney Company. It’s a tale full of insights and lessons learned, offering readers an inside look at one of the most iconic businesses in the world. Along with discussing his own experiences, Iger also provides [...]

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The Science of Storytelling


In “The Science of Storytelling,” award-winning journalist Will Storr takes a fascinating look at the psychology and neuroscience behind why humans are hardwired to tales. From evolutionary biology to cognitive science, he explains how storytelling works on our brains and what makes us want to keep reading, watching, or listening. Along the way, Storr masterfully [...]

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Unf–k Your Brain


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and like your brain is just not working right, don’t worry – you’re not alone. In Unf-k Your Brain Dr. Faith Harper offers up a fresh and modern look at why our brains behave the way they do, as well as straightforward solutions to common problems. Dr. Harper discusses [...]

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Unrequited Infatuations


In Unrequited Infatuations, Stevie Van Zandt tells the story of his life-long love affair with music. From watching The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show to performing alongside Springsteen and Bon Jovi,Van Zandt charts his musical journey from small town New Jersey kid to rock star. Along the way, he opens up about the personal [...]

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Unsuccessful Thug


In Unsuccessful Thug, Mike Epps takes readers on a hilarious journey from his humble beginnings in Indianapolis to his current status as one of the most successful comedic actors in Hollywood. Filled with behind-the-scenes stories of movie sets and celebrity encounters, this book is an entertaining read for fans of all ages. For who is [...]

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Van Halen


This book tells the story of one of the biggest rock bands in history, Van Halen. It charts their meteoric rise to fame and documents their rollercoaster journey as they dealt with unprecedented success and internal turmoil. Featuring exclusive interviews with band members past and present, it offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at one of [...]

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Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon


Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon is a book by David McGowan that explores the dark side of Laurel Canyon, including its connections to covert military operations and the hippie dream. For who is this book for ? This book is for anyone who wants to know more about the dark side of Laurel Canyon and [...]

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Drew Barrymore’s Wildflower is a touching, often funny account of the actress/director’s life. From her early years spent in the public eye as a child star to more recent times as an accomplished filmmaker, Barrymore tells all with candor and poise. Her story ranges from heartwarming (her tight-knit family) to harrowing (sexual abuse she suffered [...]

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Woke Up This Morning


This book is a compilation of interviews with the cast and crew of HBO’s hit show, The Sopranos. Actor Michael Imperioli gathers anecdotes and memories from all aspects of production, offering an inside look at one of the most groundbreaking shows in television history. For who is this book for ? This book is for [...]

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You’re Making Me Hate You


If you’re looking for a book that will make you think, look no further than You’re Making Me Hate You. Written by Corey Taylor, the book is a scathing critique of the modern world and how humans have seemingly lost all common sense. With topics ranging from politics to social media, Taylor never holds back [...]

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Yours Cruelly, Elvira


Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, has lived a life filled with mystery and adventure. In her memoirs, she tells all – from how she became a horror icon to anecdotes about her encounters with some of the world’s most famous celebrities. This is an intimate look at one of pop culture’s most intriguing women. For [...]