Review Policy/ FTC

UPDATE January 2018

So Many Books has changed its focus from book blogging to life blogging. As a result, I am no longer accepting books for review. Please do not send me email solicitations.

All the best,



Dear Publicists, Publishers, Authors and others with a book to review:

So Many Books is a one-person operation. I have a full-time job and am also attending graduate school. My reading time is precious and not always easy to come by. Therefore, please note that unless the book you are offering for review is one I am really interested in reading I will not be reviewing the book. Feel free to send me an email, but do not expect a response in return unless I am interested in the book. I get an inbox full of book review requests every day and do not have the time to answer each one, especially if the answer is “no thanks.” I do appreciate the book offers but being only one person with limited time I must be very choosy. Thank you for your consideration and understanding.

All the best to you and the books.


FTC Disclosure:

If the book I am reviewing was received free of charge I will mention it in my blog post. If there is no such mention, it can be assumed that I bought the book, borrowed it from the library, received it as a gift from friend or family, or downloaded it for free off the internet because it is in the public domain. Any review copy that I receive will be discussed honestly; never will I receive a book in return for a promise of a favorable review.

I do not participate in any affiliate program. All links to books whether they be to Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Powell’s or other online bookseller or publisher are for the sole purpose of providing additional information about the book to readers. I do not receive any points, rewards or cash for these links.